PSC member.

Kacper Czubak is the cinematographer behind the multi-prize documentary film ‘Call Me Marianna’ awarded with Premio Zonta Award at the 68. Locarno Film Festival and with many other awards at over 50 other international film
festivals. Kacper’s fiction debut “Von Fischen und Menschen” directed by Stefanie Klemm was recently awarded with Opera Prima Award at the 56. Soloturner Filmtage in Switzerland and had a world premiere at the 56. Chicago
International Film Festival.

Kacper Czubak is a graduate of the Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School in Poland and a Berlinale Talents member. Studied under the supervision of renowned Polish cinematographer and photographer prof. Bogdan Dziworski. He was
also a student of the highly acclaimed Czech Film School FAMU in Prague. Kacper Czubak is based in Poland/Europe working worldwide. Worked in Pakistan, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Southern Sudan, Myanmar, Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Indonesia, in the Philippines, Dagestan and many other countries.