Milena Jaroszek. Costume designer based in Warsaw, Poland. She has created costumes for such a Films as: Furioza, Polandja and also as a co-costume designer for: Wesele (dir. W. Smarzowski); Kler, (dir. W. Smarzowski); Wołyń (dir.W. Smarzowski); Legiony (dir. D. Gajewski).

She also worked on many commercial projects. Her recent successes include the Golden Award for costume design on KTR 2020 for craft video – commercial TYSKIE – Zawsze damy radęprzejść na TY.

Moreover, her credits include television series e.g. Dzwony wojny (directed by Brendan Maher, original title: The Passing Bells). Currently, Milena is working on set of the second season of the Netflix series 'Barbarians’.